How delivery works?

Yaga has integrated courier options and it is up to each Seller to decide which delivery method they would like to enable for their shop. The delivery cost will be paid extra at checkout by the Buyer.

Delivery Process 

  1. When the Seller uploads an item to Yaga they also must choose which delivery options they wish to enable. This is the view of the delivery options that the Seller will currently see: 

  2. Buyer makes a purchase (chooses a suitable delivery option at the check out process) and fills in all the necessary shipping information. Shipping cost will be added to the item price at checkout. 

  3.  The Seller receives the delivery information with the order confirmation and uses it to ship the item to the Buyer and pays for the delivery --> detailed order information can be found under Menu -->My shop --> Orders. 
  4. After shipping the item, the Seller will click "Item transferred" button under Menu --> My shop --> Orders.
  5. When the Buyer receives the item and is happy with it --> they click "Item received" --> the money ( which includes the money that the Seller paid when shipping the item) will be automatically released to Seller

Click HERE to see our detailed step-by-step guide for Fargo courier option. 

Click HERE to read more about Bundling.

PS! Keep in mind: It is important to pack the items properly so that they aren't damaged during the shipping.

Once the Buyer has collected the item, they click on the "Item received" button in Yaga --> transaction successfully completed. After order completion the deposited money for the item and delivery is released to the Seller's Yaga wallet. 

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