Located outside Nairobi?

In Yaga we offer fixed price Fargo delivery (Ksh 260) for all orders within the Nairobi area. Thus being located outside of the Nairobi area means that the Fargo fixed price delivery option unfortunately wouldn't work for you. Nevertheless please don't worry as we have a great alternative solution for you and your location shouldn't be a dealbreaker. 

PS! This is only temporary and we're soon hoping to add more courier options and enable countrywide delivery.

I want to buy an item, but me or the Seller are located outside of the Nairobi area

When you have found a desired item but you are located outside of the Nairobi area or the Seller who is selling the item is not located in Nairobi then you should do the following:

  1. Contact the Seller via Yaga chat before making the purchase 
  2. Discuss possible delivery and courier options to transport the desired item to you
  3. Agree on the courier company and shipping price with the Seller
  4. The Seller adjusts the item's price beforehand so that the amount will already include the agreed courier fee 
  5. Make the purchase by clicking the "Buy" button --> make sure to choose "Pick up from the Seller" as your delivery option.

I want to sell an item, but me or the Buyer are located outside of the Nairobi area

There are a few super quick additional steps to take as a Seller if your Buyers or yourself aren't located in the Nairobi area. Here's what to do:

  1. Make sure to enable "Pick up from the Seller" delivery option when uploading an item to your Yaga shop
  2. Write a notice to your Yaga shop description which states where you're located 
  3. Direct your potential Buyers to choose "Pick up from the Seller" as their delivery option and to contact you via Yaga chat before making a purchase to discuss the delivery method and agree on a courier service
  4. We highly suggest to adjust the item price accordingly that it would already include the agreed delivery fee
  5. After the Buyer makes the purchase make sure to send the item using the previously agreed courier service.

I already bought/sold an item and only then noticed that the Seller/Buyer is located outside of Nairobi area

Not to worry, there's a simple solution to this and the very first step is to contact the other party in Yaga chat.

If you're the Seller:

  1. Contact the Buyer in Yaga chat
  2. Agree on the shipping method and price with the Buyer
  3. Upload a new "Delivery" listing to your shop with the delivery price
  4. Ask the Buyer to purchase the named Delivery listing --> Back on track!

If you're the Buyer:

  1. Contact the Seller in Yaga chat
  2. Agree on the shipping method and price with the Seller
  3. Ask the Seller to upload a "Delivery" listing
  4. Make a purchase for the delivery from the Seller's Yaga shop --> Back on track!

If you haven't created your own shop yet then you can get started HERE - it's free, super easy and only takes a few quick steps.

We wish you happy selling and many new finds!

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