Payment Protection

Safety is our main priority and as long as the payment is done through Yaga, your money will always be safe.

In this article:

  • Making a purchase
  • Making a sale
  • Transferring money from Yaga wallet to bank account
Transactions made through Yaga is the only way to keep your payments SAFE
Security is our main priority and therefore we only accept 3D secure for Credit Card payments and bank verified EFT/ MPesa payments via our payment gateway. 
  • The system authenticates the cardholder before any transaction can take place, by diverting the cardholder to the browser of the bank that issued the card. 
  • The bank then requests a password or One Time Password/PIN (OTP) from the cardholder, which is typically sent to their mobile phones, which will prove that the person undertaking the online transaction is the authenticated cardholder and therefore entitled to use the card.
When making a purchase, the money is deposited into Yaga’s account and won’t be released to the Seller, before the Buyer has indicated that they have received the item by clicking on the ’Item received’ button in Yaga. 
After the Buyer pays for an item, money is deposited into Yaga’s account and will appear under ’Pending orders’ in My wallet – this means that the money has been safely deposited to Yaga and the Seller can be certain that the item has been paid for and it is safe to ship it out.
The money is safely on hold while the item moves from the Seller to the Buyer. Once the Buyer has received the item, they will have to confirm receiving it and the money will automatically be released to the Seller’s Yaga wallet (Completed orders). From there on the Seller can choose between using this money for future purchases in Yaga or paying it out to bank account from My wallet. 
In case the Buyer has forgotten to complete the order in Yaga, nor have they expressed their dissatisfaction with the item, Yaga Support will assist in completing the order. 
Money from a successful sale as well as from a cancelled order is automatically released to Yaga wallet and from there on the User can choose between using it for future purchases in Yaga or paying it out to bank account via My wallet. 
In order to initiate payout to bank account, the User must provide their banking details (Menu --> Settings --> Bank account). Payouts can be initiated via My wallet (Menu --> My wallet --> Payout to bank account). Money transfers are made once every business day and the money will reach the bank account in 1-3 business days, depending on the bank. Money is transferred to the account provided by the User at the time of transfer.
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